Galway Teaching Advising

That’s Bill Brooks back.

Brooks is a Galway TA member. His wife Carrie is a Schoharie TA member. Bill was one of the many connections that brought a busload of Galway volunteers for the STAY effort.

Field trips were cut from the budget, so the Galway TA, led by Carrie Herron, passed the hat and raised $100 to pay for the gas. Bus driver Vicki Weaver agreed to drive the bus for no pay. Teachers, including Jared Marcantonio and Luke Snow got the word out and students who are in a construction class signed up. Those students worked side-by-side installing insulation on a beautiful Saturday. No one was texting (well, I was).

One of the buildings was the Harva Co. Owner Susan McGiver could not stop saying thank you.

“This is a phenomenal gift,” McGiver said. “We’ve been working non-stop just to clean things up.” The company employs about 30 families in the community.

You’ll be seeing a lot more about the work at Harva because UUPer Jared Stanley came with a real video camera. I tried a Flipcam, and wish I would have stuck with video from my phone.

In the meantime, enjoy the photo slideshow.

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