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While in Binghamton to cover the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, of course I also wanted to find out about how people were coping with flooding. Broome County has estimated at least 5,500 people were displaced.

Displaced can mean the home is gone, or it can mean you just can’t live there until the building is repaired. So you’re essentially homeless. Where do people go? Family, friends, shelters, rent a whole new place for those who can afford it. One family is living in the garage. Things were okay until it got chilly over the weekend.

The constant theme I heard was thank goodness for the schools. Schools are where most students are getting their only showers and most of their meals and most of their clothing. I heard that many people in the Southern Tier went weeks without power. Here’s a link to one article about efforts to save the Owego Elementary School where the reporter notes that those worker to restore the schools are without power in their own homes.

Helping New York to Learn: It’s what we do. To facilitate the powerful generosity of NYSUT members here’s our Adopt a School program. Does your school need things necessary to restore classroom learning environment in impacted schools? Then make a list of what’s needed and contact your local president to get listed. Can your local provide any of the many items listed? Work with your local president, call the contact number and then send an email to and we’ll note it was taken care of.

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