Great needs provoke great response, (UPDATED)

Just want to update with these photos from the Professional Staff Congress members, who brought items for Binghamton school children to a union meeting last week. The Adopt-to-School program for disaster relief has kicked into high gear, demonstrating yet again the astounding generosity of NYSUT members. In the case of the Binghamton City School District, […]

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NYSUT’s Phil Cleary in the news


Our national union leaders are not giving up the fight to restore jobs, and neither is Phil Cleary. Phil teaches preschool students with disabilities in the North Syracuse school system. He’s on his way to Washington D.C. to be part of an effort of labor and community activists trying to get information out about the […]

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Exercise your rights


Coming to your local president’s mailbox is this handy poster. Whether NYSUT members are newly registered or have been registered for years, we hope all NYSUT members will exercise their right to vote next week. If you want a copy, you might be able to download from this blog post. If your computer won’t allow […]

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UCATS needs your help

The Union of Clerical, Administrative & Technical Staff at NYU has been in contract negotiations with NYU for two months. Last Wednesday, just 6 days before their contract expires, NYU gave UCATS wage and health insurance proposals that are effectively a one year wage freeze, followed by five years of pay cuts. UCATS is now […]

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Occupy Your State Capitol Saturday

Starting at noon Saturday, each state capital across the nation will host an Occupy event. It’s at Academy Park which is on the corner of Washington Avenue and Eagle Street. Here in New York, Occupy Albany invites individuals, groups and their members to join them to show support for Economic Justice and solidarity with the worldwide […]

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Stand with the PAC

NYSUT’s Political Action Coordinators come to town this afternoon for some training. They will join a variety of labor unions and other community activists to show support for the Occupy Albany event at tonight’s vigil. It’s from 6 to 7:30 p.m. along Washington Avenue near the state Capitol. Here’s a video that a number of […]

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Dual-certified teacher looking for a job

Tim Brisley is one of the many teachers who are without jobs due to budget cuts. He last taught earth science in the Albany city schools. He went back to school last year to get certified in elementary education as well. He substitute teaches when he can (even though that impacts unemployment.) What he’d really like […]

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68 % of millionaires say tax me more!

Here’s a link to The Wealth Report of the Wall Street Journal that says 68 percent of millionaires agree with paying more in taxes. It’s one thing when a poll is taken  of everybody, and of course people who won’t be affected say “yeah, tax those other people more.” But isn’t it another when the […]

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Anybody still got those glowsticks?

Anybody still got those glowsticks?

NYSUT political action leaders will join members from a variety of labor unions and other community activists on Friday to show support for the Occupy Albany events. The vigil will run from 6 to 7:30 p.m. along Washington Ave, near the Capitol building. It’s being called a candlelight vigil, but don’t bring them. Bring flashlights […]

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Flat Stanley coming to town near you


You know Flat Stanley, right? This is a book character created by author Jeff Brown who was squashed by his bulletin board, but as a result, is able to travel  all over the world inside envelopes in the mail– resulting in many adventures. Flat Stanley is now part of the coming International Education Week on […]

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