Making strides in Corning

Soon we’ll be kicking off a month of Strides walks. This is the second year that Corning takes steps first, in September. They had a beautiful day and seeing Joyce Arms in pink is a beautiful sight.
We featured Joyce and her fight against cancer in 2004. Her fight is not over and sadly, other forms of cancer have taken family members since then. “I’m still here,” she tells me every year. “I’m still telling people to get their checkups.”

You’d better listen. This weekend Strides walks are in numerous sites across the state. We have photographers in Binghamton, Buffalo and Rochester and perhaps more especially if you send in those photos you take! Just email them to Send along the story of why you walk as well and we’ll add them to the sets.


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  1. Ben Frisbie October 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    Wow Joyce, Matt and all participants from the new ED !!!

    It is so great to see this turnout for a growing Strides. Joyce, no one sees
    the need for our efforts more than you.

    Thank you all,

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