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I am tired and cranky that I am stuck behind a desk instead of with a group of NYSUT volunteers helping out in Middleburgh today.

Sure as it’s Friday, I know there is going to be yet another article about how the rich are getting richer, or the painful debate about how national health care is bankrupting corporations and health care should be left up to individuals.

In catching up with my emails, thank goodness I come across one from Phil Cleary with a link to this piece by Paul Begala. Read the whole piece to get some ammunition for the next time you are with a government-hater. Begala writes:

Some of this country’s bravest and best work for the government. Yet in the GOP debate at the Reagan Library, (Texas Gov. Rick) Perry simultaneously praised the Navy SEALs who killed bin Laden and claimed government doesn’t create jobs. Precisely whom does he think those SEALs work for? Enron?

Begala notes that government is us. And that perhaps the problem is too little government, not too much. You need examples?  “Wall Street was deregulated, and when the casino went bust, taxpayers bailed out the gamblers. Regulators cozied up to oil companies, and 11 working men were killed in the Deepwater Horizon tragedy as BP’s well gushed millions of barrels into the Gulf of Mexico. After 29 miners were killed in the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in West Virginia, an independent investigation found that the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration “failed its duty as the watchdog for coal miners.”

We are finishing up the October issue of NYSUT United. You’ll find a half-dozen pages of examples how union members across this state helped those harmed by floodwaters.

For every story that’s in there, we missed dozens more. Some folks have not gotten back to us because they are still trying desparately to get their household or their neighbor’s, parents’, friend’s, you name it, back together.

And I am talking really help, not just tour the area. They don’t need to tour the area. They live and shop there and they want their streets safe and clean again.

We the People sometimes get flooded out so we sleep in shelters or over at friends. We the People ask, and offer, a helping hand. We the People know government improves our lives every day.

Best of all, come November —for those of us who are registered to vote — We the People will elect the government we deserve.

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