If cuts hurt, tell somebody!

Citizen Action and the Alliance for Quality Education are sponsoring a number of events statewide next week.

Here’s a link to a preliminary list of events.

Here’s a link to coverage of an event in Massena. I love the theme of the Massena event, “Don’t Turn Out the Lights on Education.” They hope to fill the field at the high school with education supporters. The north country district already had to cut technical prep and alternative education programs to deal with state budget cuts. The new 2 percent tax cap is expected to make things worse.

Folks, there is another way. If state lawmakers would just approve a progressive income tax, there would be enough revenue. The wealthy have already received a lot of tax breaks, thanks to the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. I’m a broken record on this. Hope to see you at an event next week. Send along any comments you make, or photos, to bsandber@nysutmail.org

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