Got a flood question?

First, if you have any questions about applying for aid, here’s your link to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That site has all sorts of links to what you need to know, even if you don’t qualify for aid.

The State Education Department’s website can be a maze to navigate, so here’s a quick link to a lengthy Question and Answer document staffers have provided for those with questions after an “extreme weather event.”

The most common I hear from students is #3 in the document: Do we still have to go to school 180 days? Answer: Maybe. It’s a long answer so go to “3. The 180 Days of Session Requirement.”

There’s also answers to less common questions. I did not know that children made homeless through a natural disaster have rights to immediate enrollment in the public school district where they may be temporarily residing, even if they do not have proof of immunization or physical exams. That’s under 11. Information on Educating Homeless Students.

There’s lots of other good info, especially links to more resources and contact phone numbers, in the six-page document.

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