Teachers helping in storm

Mike Mosall of the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Teachers Association in Saratoga County reports that several members of the TA went to Middleburgh High School on Saturday to help teachers there clean out their damaged technology wing.

“We also traveled to Schoharie to assist in the cleanup of a member’s home and an historic home nearby,” said Mosall.

They posted a video of their efforts on their Facebook. The TA is not stopping there. They are also going to organize an “adopt a classroom” drive to help school communities in Amsterdam and Schalmont. Keep it going!

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  1. Stu Horn September 6, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    This is how union leadership can and should lead. It’s not only about protecting the rights of members and their hard-won benefits. It’s about being a positive force in a community especially when all eyes are on the not-so-metaphorical targets the right wing has drawn on working people’s backs.

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