NYSUT hosts telethon (update video, photos)

As we update this blog post, Martin Messner of the Schoharie TA returns a call. Despite prior reports that school would be in session today, it’s delayed until Monday, Sept. 17. No school this week as emergency services have taken over the school.
Groups of teachers still meet each morning and then fan out into the community to help anyone who needs it.
“Some house haven’t even been started yet. Some are in good shape with everything moved out and the drywall ripped out,” Messner reports. That’s what is on tap for today. More ripping out of drywall. Getting homes to the studs. Getting rid of anything that would trap mold and moisture.
Of course, rain is forecast, and perhaps torrential rains.
I give him the good news that about the telethon.

Logistics are still being worked out, but NYSUT Conference Room D will be the home of an American Red Cross telethon Wednesday to accept donations to help those impacted by Hurricane Irene. NYSUT members and staff will be working the phones along with other partners in this effort, CSEA and WNYT. All funds raised by this telethon will benefit the Red Cross to help those in need in our community. It runs from noon to 9 p.m. NYSUT continues to seek donations to the union’s Disaster Relief Fund.

There’s a lot of good reporting out there. Here’s a link to one article over the weekend that focuses on the schools. If you don’t have time for the whole article, here’s an excerpt from Scott Waldman’s article in the Times-Union:

The towns also need people to remove the cars in the trees, the house smashed on the bridge and the dead groundhog in the parking lot. Before the schools open, they’re going to need more people like Mary Kornbrek, a custodian at Windham, who stood in a field of demolished school equipment and mounds of river mud to pick debris from a chain link fence. “You take it one bit at a time,” she said. “On my mind right now is getting the sidewalk cleared.”

I met a lot of folks like Mary last week. People willing to shovel anything that was thrown at them.

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