How you can support CWA and IBEW workers

This weekend marks a week of the strike against Verizon. Verizon is seeking concessions that equate to $20,000 per worker. Verizon wants:

  • worker pay increases tied to performance review,
  • pensions frozen at the end of the year,
  • the sickness and death benefit program eliminated,
  • the sickness disability benefit cut in half – from 52 weeks to 26 weeks,
  • sick time reduced, and
  • worker contributions to health-care premiums.

Directly from Peter Thonis of the communications office at Verizon, the message is the company wants employees to “continue to receive competitive pay and benefit programs while also providing a fair return to our shareholders. Our wireline business has declined significantly in the last few years and we need a new contract that reflects today’s economic and business realities, as well as the needs of all of our stakeholders.”

What a disconnect! It’s well reported the billions in profits Verizon has banked and that executive pay rose 4 percent.

Go to this link to find out how you can adopt a store.

Go to this link to find a picket line near you.

Go to this link to sign an online petition. For those on Facebook and Twitter there are additional options to support the strikers.

Go to this link for thoughts about why educators should be supporting striking Verizon workers.

By the way, we still waiting for information about how to help the concrete workers and carpenters on strike at the World Trade Center.

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