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Remember when summer used to be a time for vacations?

Now it’s about walking the picket line in support of Verizon workers out on strike, and here’s the link to a good summary of what’s at stake that includes numerous links to background information like the fact that Verizon’s CEO makes over 300 times more than the average Verizon worker, Verizon banked $6 Billion in profits last year and I’ll add my opinion — that’s a new definition of greed when you go after retiree health care when you’ve got $6 billion in the bank.

Here’s a link to sign an online petition. Here’s a link to a state map that shows where you can join a picket line. That’s right. Just put on your union colors and go show up for as much time as you can give.

Yes, we know the polls are open for recall elections today in Wisconsin. Not 30 seconds goes by that I don’t get an update. Perhaps the best update is this Steven Colbert piece exposing two dirty tricks designed to thwart the vote.

Also, here’s a link to some of the coverage of NYSUT objecting to the tentative award of a no-bid contract to a News Corp. group.  Here’s a direct link to NYSUT’s letter and press release.

But perhaps you thought I meant the stock market? Or perhaps that little announcement by the U.S. Education Secretary that he will grant waivers to the flawed No Child Left Behind. Here’s a link to even more flaws about that. Education historian Diane Ravitch keeps posting questions all morning posing the problems of the 100 percent if you start applying it to other areas. So for example, why doesn’t Congress set goals of:

  • 100% pollution-free air by 2020 and resign if it doesn’t happen?
  • 100% employment or we all resign.
  • of 100% crime-free cities? Then fire the cops if cities don’t meet target, give badges away to novices?

Good questions. Feel free to pose your own, either as a comment or email to me at

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