What the “debt” is going on?

Coincidence or ironic that this is a vacation week for me?

So while I am weeding and harvesting, or canning or catching up with friends and family, I have ample time to hear about what some want to do to our future. Cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. It bugs me how all the cuts seem to come at the expense of senior citizens, kids and working families. But this is about you out there. Click on this link to see how cuts to Medicare and Medicaid affect your congressional district.

By the way, please check out this blog post about how Medicare is the solution, not the answer.

Then, call your member of Congress. Urge them not to cut our future. Here’s a link to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Or click on this link to use the AFL-CIO’s website to send a message.

I made my call, please make yours.


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