Of training and lawsuits

The work NYSUT and its members are doing this week is exhausting!
Today features in-depth workshops on health insurance, how defined benefit pension plans stabilize the economy and what is going on with the economics of education in this state. And those are just the early morning sessions! There’s a full agenda the rest of the day with presentations about NYSUT’s field, legal, research and educational services departments as well as regional meetings.

Also dozens of School-Related Professionals are being trained to become presenters on two much-needed areas, how to address aggressive student behavior in schools and accommodations and modifications.

In a perfect example of what journalists call “burying the lede” please note NYSUT sued the state Education Department yesterday for adopting regulations that violate the law. Here’s the link to NYSUT’s press release, with links to all of the documents that have been filed.

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