Tell them to fix it

Most news outlets are reporting deals are near on tax cap, public college tuition increases, rent control and same-sex marriage.

“The rent regulation, property tax mandate relief bill is a complicated bill,” Cuomo told the Albany Times-Union, referring to omnibus legislation lawmakers have called “the Big Ugly.” “If it takes a little bit more time, it takes a little bit more time. I would much rather get it right than rush it.”

So tell them if they have to do a tax cap, at least try fix some of the more egregious wrongs. Call (877) 255-9417. You can connect directly to the governor’s office or your representative in the Assembly and state Senate. Tell them you are a voter and a taxpayer. Tell them the 60 percent override is unfair. Tell them a tax cap without exemptions for things a district can not control, like gasoline and heating fuel, is unfair. Tell them the long-term impact of a property tax cap will destroy public education in New York state.

So please, start dialing: 1-877-255-9417. Then, ask your friends, family and neighbors to call.

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