Wednesday wake-up call

No details here or here, but the Gov. reported the framework of a deal that he calls historic.I agree it is historic but not in any way the middle class should be happy about.

If the press reports are accurate, it takes away the wishes of the majority. I am stunned that it appears the 40 percent rule (meaning that a community needs 60 percent to exceed a 2 percent tax cap) for school budget votes is still in.

Here’s one quote from published reports:

“Ultimately the middle class and the working class once again are being thrown to the curb for the political purposes of people in office. They’re not doing anything that’s helping the taxpayers. They’re not reducing anybody’s property tax,” Ulster County Legislator Susan Zimet said.

Let  the Governor and lawmakers know how disappointed you are. Call 1 (877) 255-9417.

More to come as we find out more details.

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  1. Martin Messner June 22, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    I’m seeing red right now. Can’t believe we got sold out for almost no real gains on rent control, no SSM and only 4 year extension on rent control in exchange for a 5 year tax cap. How does that happen?

    How could our lawmakers cave to Cuomo’s anti-education agenda for table scraps?

    But mostly I feel sad for our kids. They won’t be getting the same education as their parents. That is tragic and falls right at the feet of our elected officals. Shame on them.

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