Reality tour lands in Bethlehem (updated)

Here’s a link to news coverage (and more here and more here) of yesterday’s event in the Bethlehem schools protesting the budget cuts and a proposed tax cap.

Above are Andrew Watson’s photos from the event.

Here’s what AQE posted about the event. Click on the video to see and hear a chemistry teacher’s formula about what the cuts mean.

About three months ago, the governor released a statement praising Bethlehem schools administrators when they agreed to freeze their pay saving about $65,000. I’ve searched and searched but can’t find any mention of the fact that the teachers union has also sacrificed – to the tune of $2.6 million over three years.

Here’s the two-page open letter to Gov. Cuomo.Letter to Gov Cuomo

On a personal note, it was 91 degrees outside yesterday. Thanks to no air conditioning, it was even hotter inside the auditorium. Kudos to those staffers who could handle the stifling conditions for over an hour to accommodate the many requests from the media.

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