Remember veterans, but don’t forget children

Commencement speeches come and go. This one by Linda Darling-Hammond is sure making the rounds.

It’s interesting that she titled it “The Service of Democractic Education.”

One line that chills me is “We live in a nation that is on the verge of forgetting its children” and she follows it up with lots of statistics including that the United States now has:

a defense budget larger than that of the next 20 countries combined; and greater disparities in wealth than any other leading country (the wealthiest 1 percent of individuals control 25 percent of the resources in the country;in New York City, the wealthiest 1 percent control 46 percent of the wealth and are taxed at a lower level than in the last sixty years). Our leaders do not talk about these things. They simply say of poor children, “Let them eat tests.”


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