Thank veterans in a truly meaningful way

Yes the unofficial start to summer is here.

Once I joined Brownies, this weekend meant a weekend of service. Both Saturday and Sunday my friends and I trudged four blocks up to the top of 9th Street hill in Hudson, Wi. (Saturday was for the “old” cemetery on the west side of the street and on Sunday for the “new cemetery on the east.) We made sure the cemeteries were all cleaned up of litter. Sometimes we had to rake leaves or mown grass. Sometimes the VFW hall folks needed help putting little flags on graves. Then on Monday, we would be in the parade with Boy Scouts and other groups and we’d stand at attention to hear speeches and Taps on the bugle and watch the American flag hoisted and a group of men fire guns.

Since moving to upstate New York, and not being involved in the Girl Scouts, my family here spends more time gardening and hiking over the three-day weekend. We still honor fallen soldiers though.

You can do something more than thank them for their service. You can give back by fighting to make sure that Social Security remains intact for our veterans. Here’s a link to a report on Serving Those Who Served Our Nation. Besides the statistics about the benefits military families receive, it also provides specific action steps to strengthen Social Security.


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