Tax cap and rally potpourri

So many meetings today! Much to catch up on. The New York Times editorial against the proposed tax cap is posted under the latest. Here’s a report that shows who else advocates against the cap.

Here’s some analysis that is most interesting, although I don’t like referring to students as lab rats.

Some good news.  Today  a judge struck down that law taking away nearly all the collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin because it violated the state’s Open Meeting law. Of course, Wisconsin lawmakers can just follow the law and pass the law (do it right,) but for now, workers have their rights back. 

Bringing Wisconsin to Oneonta, (910 mile difference), a group of activists rally at 5 tonight for workers rights, against budget cuts to colleges and schools, against a tax cap, to extend the millionaires tax and more.

Gotta run to … you got it … another meeting.

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