If rainy days and Mondays get you down

Does a rainy Monday bring you up?

I hope so, because the union needs everybody today.

Tomorrow are school budget votes for all but the Big 5. NYSUT has radio ads on the air reminding voters to support what kids need. Click here to hear it or copy the link to send to those in your community urging them to vote on the budget, If your union is supporting the budget, that is. We know there are a lot of tough budgets out there that are difficult to support. But typically, a budget that goes down is even worse than the original proposal. Thanks to all of you who worked phone banks over the weekend, or will do so tonight.

Meanwhile, a “hard” property tax cap continues to be supported by a variety of politicians. There’s the governor’s proposal — already passed by the Senate — and here’s a proposal from Assemblyman Don Miller for a 0 percent tax cap. We’re still awaiting details of a possible compromise.

Call, fax or write your lawmakers today. Tell them how damaging and irresponsible tax caps that do not allow for exemptions for certain costs are for school districts and community colleges. The current proposals make it impossible for districts to plan, make multi-year commitments or establish economies based on multi-year contracts. If you need more specifics, here’s a link.

The state Board of Regents meets today. Teacher evaluations are on the agenda.  If you hadn’t seen it yet, here’s NYSUT’s response to the latest developments.

Meanwhile, political spending is up — way up. Here’s an interesting opinion piece by the New York Post about how even non-political spending becomes political.

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