Paying the price through sacrifice

Based on what NYSUT locals tell us, the total number of teaching and support staff positions sacrificed in those districts that have budget votes scheduled for Tuesday as well as the Big 5 is 16, 028.72. That’s huge and it breaks down like this.

  • K-12 Teacher Layoff 10,588.24
  • K-12 Teacher Attrition 2,645.10
  • K-12 SRP Layoff 2,635.88
  • K-12 SRP Attrition 159.50
As painful as that is to imagine, the numbers could go up further, because BOCES locals haven’t reported yet because they are still studying which, if any programs, have been taken back by component school districts.
Flip side, the number could go down drastically if New York City, (6,100); Rochester, (920); and Yonkers (490); make changes to the budgets. Remember New York City is sitting on a rather large budget surplus. Tens of thousands protested in New York City yesterday.

For those of you from across the state who don’t get the Albany Times-Union, here’s the link to an interesting point and counterpoint and fingerpointing. You can draw your own conclusions, also keep in mind the question looming over many districts mind: Will state lawmakers also pile on a damaging, irresponsible tax cap that doesn’t allow for unforeseen costs like spikes in enrollment, heating and fuel costs to name a few?

We’re collecting the impact across the state here.

At meetings with lawmakers this week, politicians who listened to our concerns told us to keep up the pressure. They said to keep sending letters, to send faxes and to make phone calls. Tell them there is a better way. Tell them to supplement the budget and extend the millionaire’s tax. If you need help with words, here’s a link to a sample letter.

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