Busy news day (my last as photo editor)

Today, the New York City Mayor reveals whether he will sacrifice close to 5,000 teachers. There were many protests last night and thousands turned out to protest the cuts in advance. Here’s the UFT link.

The state Association of Counties weighs in that a 2 percent cap is “disingenuous by the state. Meanwhile, there’s still no proposal from the Assembly, although some details are trickling in.

El-Wise Noisette takes over for as photo editor Monday. This is great news for NYSUT and its members. You all get an excellent photographer whose technical training will benefit you immensely. For almost seven years I’ve been a reluctant photo editor, even on my best days. I prefer telling member’s stories. Monday I return to that and I’m eager to cover the Committee of 100 meeting at the Desmond before the vigil at 8 Monday night. Weather forecast is perfect. No rain to put a damper on our glowsticks or virtual lighters.

If you’re on Twitter, follow it on #vigil4schools

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