The pain and sacrifice

“My members are going to take some big losses, their families are going to be affected,” local president Cathy Corbo told the Albany Times Union. Members approved a new contract that freezes salaries for a year but saved 52 jobs.

There’s so much pain across the state, and yes at least 200 local unions have negotiated sacrifices.

Just think how much worse it will be in years to come if a tax cap is approved.

Phil Cleary of the North Syracuse EA sent an e-mail to his folks this morning, reminding them that while lawmakers can have strong words, we can too. Here’s the link to oppose this damaging tax cap through a fax or letter to your lawmaker.

Here’s three reasons why I am thrilled the Assembly has not passed THIS proposed tax cap.

  • This proposal would be yearly and make it nearly impossible for districts to plan several years in advance.
  • It doesn’t allow for a number of factors outside of a district’s control, such as electric, gasoline and oil costs, or a jump in enrollment, or a weather-related issue like flooding to a building.
  • It would require a 60 percent override if a community WANTS to provide more services to kids.

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