A message from “the oldest intern in the world”

Retiree Sheila Goldberg got a hearty laugh from the crowd at the NYSUT Local and Retiree Council Presidents Conference when she described herself as “the oldest intern in the world.” (Goldberg is interning as VOTE-COPE coordinator in Nassau County.)

Goldberg, an indefatigable fund-raiser for multiple union causes, then segued into a serious topic.

Because deep-pocket corporate forces are targeting public service and outspending working people by huge margins, she suggested leaders to consider asking locals and chapters to double their contributions to their union’s voluntary political action fund that supports pro-labor candidates and causes.

Thirty years ago, Goldberg recalled that teachers dug deep to donate $5 a week to Levittown teachers who were on strike and in real trouble. That was a lot of money three decades ago. Now, Goldberg said, we need to step up again.

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