MLK III on why “We Are One” events are so important

Hundreds of events happened Monday under the “We Are One” banner to support workers rights. Read why his son thinks Martin Luther King Jr. would be supporting public employees today.

“We Are One” is about all the attacks against collective bargaining, which started in Wisconsin. On Tuesday there are two elections which could tell us a lot about which way the political winds are blowing there.

More “We Are One” events continue this week and they all lead up to Saturday’s event at Times Square in New York City.

Here’s what we found out about the Long Island train. The Long Island Rail Road created a dedicated train at NYSUT’s request to help get members to Times Square in time for the noon rally. Contact your local president for information on how to get on what we’re calling the Solidarity Express.

Some locals and NYSUT Regional offices are getting buses. Contact your local president or building rep or regional office for more info.

Much of the communications department is on its way to New York City Tuesday. The rest will join Wednesday. We move almost the entire operation to the site of the 39th annual convention so we’ll be bringing you live reports from there soon.

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