Facts and figures will help this fight

News of what districts will now do with less than before fill newspapers and newscasts — the layoffs, the program eliminations, the sports, opportunities lost and dreams deferred.

NYSUT United keeps publishing facts and figures. There are, unfortunately, so many cuts to keep track of. Did we get yours? Let us know. E-mail bsandber@nysutmail.org or comment on the blog.

Several districts have invited lawmakers to come to their schools to see the impact. That’s a great idea for every district. Local unions should consult with their Labor Relations Specialist about strategy. Consider making a joint request from the union, administration and school board.

The North Syracuse union, like many across the state, has agreed to concessions that have saved their districts and taxpayers millions. So did the Sachem Central Teachers. Keep letting us know what is going on. We’ll keep track because there are still some out there who insist no layoffs are necessary because districts have reserves, unspent federal financing or “other things.”

As to the fight for workers’ rights, thanks for letting us know about this video of encouragement for those who are defending workers’ rights. The video can’t be embedded but here’s the link to copy and paste in your browser  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTuf826MQQs  to view it.

In other Wisconsin updates, more than 20,000 signatures in under 30 days were collected to recall one of the Republican Senators.


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