Much to do Tuesday

We won’t get the “runs” until Wednesday. That’s the district-by-district breakdowns of how much state aid schools get. As reported, the exact amounts are still being negotiated. Call or fax your lawmaker, again if you’ve done it already, to tell them why schools need more funding. Tell them what’s at stake in your district. Check out some of the comments on the Save Music blog to get some ideas of what graduates say programs meant to them.

Of the $272 million in school aid restorations, only $220-$240 million is in formula aid for the 2011-2012 school year. Funding for grants such as Teacher Centers and Library Aid are still being negotiated as part of this overall number. Restorations for higher ed are similarly small with just $86 million in restorations out of a total cut of $400 million proposed for SUNY, CUNY and the community colleges.

The event taking place at the Capitol tomorrow starts at 1 p.m. and will go well into the night.

Here’s what some are calling New York’s Wisconsin moment.

Here’s what Andy Pallotta has to say:

The Legislature has not yet taken a final vote on the budget deal and we are NOT giving up. We are asking you and all NYSUT activists to continue to call or meet with your legislators to urge greater restorations. We will continue to pressure the Senate to adopt the millionaires’ tax to mitigate these horrendous cuts. We urge you to continue to publicly rally against these devastating cuts which will surely lead to enormous cutbacks in programs and services to students everywhere. This budget will no doubt mean there will be layoffs of over ten thousand colleagues. These are real families. This is not a game.

Many at NYSUT have mixed feelings about today. Let’s start with loss. Mike Corn’s funeral is today. I will not use the past tense about this remarkable, wonderful man, about his solidarity and his optimism, even while battling a number of different cancers through recent years. A longtime unionist, his lessons resound today. A non-stop advocate, here’s an article from a couple years back about how his advice saved a family, literally saved their finances and their home. Please share your stories about Mike.

Yes there’s a backlog of photos. Doing what we can. The Nassau rally from March 24 should get up soon. The Celebration of Teaching and Learning from March 17-19 as well.

Let’s end with a wonderful tribute. The state AFL-CIO building on South Swan Street is being named after Paul Cole today at 4 p.m. Another remarkable, wonderful unionist.



  1. Steve Freeman March 29, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    I have been advised that changes to the new APPR Appeals process are hidden in the new budget. Is this correct?

    • Betsy Sandberg March 30, 2011 at 9:20 am #

      We checked, but we can’t reply until we see the actual budget bills and see what’s actually approved.

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