Memorial to Triangle victims

At the exact moment 100 years ago that the fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory started –  4:00 on March 25, hundreds in Albany remembered.
Those in the Clark Auditorium at the New York State Museum Friday afternoon observed a moment of silence for the dead, then master of ceremonies Assemblyman Jack McEneny from Albany started the process of remembering each victim.
146 candles were lit, then extinguished one-by-one, as the name of each dead worker was read. NYSUT Vice President Kathleen Donahue was one of the readers who honored the fallen workers.
The sweatshop factory fire in 1911 led the way to reforms in our state and across the country, as the fledgling labor movement and social activists joined forces to demand changes in workplace safety.
Those changes in New York eventually became part of the federal New Deal in the 1930’s.
Brian O’Shaughnessy from the New York State Labor-Religion Coalition, a NYSUT partner, called on attendees to join the fight in our state against the purchase of sweatshop-produced clothing and athletic uniforms, as a way to honor the Triangle legacy and keep their memory alive.

Also, check out how the United Federation of Teachers covered the anniversary.


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