Make it ‘green’ clean

Want the dirt?

Want the inside scoop?
Try using a microfiber cleaning cloth in school and at home. That’s what AFT’s health and safety specialist Darryl Alexander said Friday afternoon as she passed out green cleaning cloths to participants at NYSUT’s Health and Safety Conference.

The cloths, she said, are part of a green cleaning program and strategy that enable you to pick up dust and dirt without having to use heavy duty cleaners.

“Get rid of the cotton,” she said. “Bacteria grows on cotton, on mops, and that forces the custodian to use bleach, which can trigger asthma.”

AFT has a free CD available to NYSUT members called “How to Put Together a Green Cleaning Program” with tips and fact sheets.

Contact Wendy Hord at NYSUT at or Alexander at

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  1. g assante March 26, 2011 at 3:17 pm #

    where can we purchase these cloths for our homes?

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