Now some more salt in the wounds

Now that the state budget is done, the outlines of national budget are also done. Or not. Can you call Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand or Sen. Charles Schumer to ask them to oppose these cuts? Both have offices across the state so just google their name to find the office closest to you. If you want […]

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Gear up for April 9


Working families across the country are organizing numerous actions for next week. All lead up to the top event, the We Are One Rally that starts at noon in Times Square. It’s anticipated NYSUT’s delegates will march to that rally direct from their business meeting, the 39th annual convention. If you are not already in […]

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Ohio lawmakers pass limits on unions…

…and have sent the bill to Gov. John Kasich who is expected to sign it. Here’s the Reuters article. I’m loathe to link to any New York Times articles because they are in the midst of charging for access to their on-line articles. But here’s a quote from their coverage: “The vote in the House […]

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Never give up


I was in mourning for hours this morning. But now I am back. All it takes is some prodding by Andy Pallotta. That guy never gives up. This bad budget may have passed but there’s still things we can do. He vows to keep up the pressure to extend the millionaire’s tax (it doesn’t expire […]

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Capitol Camp-in: Live updates


10:23 p.m. Folks, that’s all from us for awhile. I am making one more call through the AFL-CIO’s action line to tell my Senator and the governor how deeply disappointed I am. Signing off for now. 10:07 p.m. School runs just got distributed [PDF file]. Meanwhile, after tonight’s school board vote, the 242 students who […]

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Campers oppose cuts to colleges

Among the hundreds of peaceful demonstrators at Wednesday’s Capitol Camp-in were students, parents and graduates of the state’s senior and community public colleges. They included Caitlin Kempf and Steve Moss, both students at Adirondack Community College. “It was supposed to be my senior year, but because of SUNY, I’m back at my sophomore year,” Kempf […]

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The Capitol’s ‘Million Dollar Staircase’ is now the ‘Millionaires’ Tax Staircase’

Setting the scene here at the Capitol: Organizers have renamed the Million Dollar Staircase the “Millionaires’ Tax Staircase.” There are hundreds of demonstrators from SUNY and CUNY. AQE’s Billy Easton announced that 70 large pizzas would be delivered to the Capitol at 7 pm, the largest pizza delivery in state history. He said s’mores would […]

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Wisconsin judge to Gov. Walker: Am I clear?

Thanks folks for sending us this link. Wisconsin’s AFL-CIO tells it this way. Oh, this makes me remember the scene from A Few Good Men. Click here for the audio.

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Senate lobby closes down

This just in from the Times-Union. Hmm. It hasn’t even started yet!

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Bring marshmallows? (with Colbert video)

All the talk is about a possible campout at the Capitol. Of course I’m loving the references to a “Wisconsin-style” protest. We’re all ripping through work on our desks to make it so we can go. We hope to bring you live reports (technology permitting sometimes it’s hard to get a signal through the marble […]

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