Protect your rights NOW

Yes, the state Senate Education Committee will vote tomorrow to end seniority rights for every teacher in the New York City school system.

If it happens there, how long before it happens in Buffalo, Syracuse, Yonkers? How long before Schenectady, Ithaca, you name the district?

Call your State Senator at: 877 255-9417. When prompted, press 2 from your touch tone phone to be connected to the NYS Senate operator. Ask the operator to connect you to your Senator’s office.

Whoever you get on the phone, here’s what you ask the Senator to do:

  • Request that S.3501 be removed from the Education Committee agenda.
  • Vote NO on this anti-labor legislation if it comes up for a vote and your Senator is on the Education Committee.
  • Speak against this legislation in his/her conference meetings even if they are not on the education committee.
  • Realize no other union is being targeted this way, yet.

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