Comedy Central and fairness in the media

AFT President Randi Weingarten versus Steven Colbert at 11:30 tonight on Comedy Central.

Oh, I can not wait to post about this tomorrow!

Also, 61 percent of 1,000 adults surveyed Monday night said they opposed taking away collective bargaining from public employees.

Polling goes on all the time. Sometimes results are announced. Sometimes they are not. A group of activists in western New York reported their disappointment that extremely similar poll results (as in postive toward unions and worker rights)  to two anti-union questions last week are not listed in their poll archives.

First of all, kudos to the over 60 percent of listeners who voted Friday that they would NOT like to see legislation similar to what’s being proposed in Wisconsin introduced in New York and to the 60 percent who voted Saturday that their view of unions is positive.

Secondly, maybe it just takes more than a couple of days to post the archive results. Maybe the worker who is supposed to do that is sick, or home with a sick child, or on vacation. Let’s not cast aspersions, but instead stay vigilant and keep voting for any other online poll. There’s one going on right now on this Albany public radio station.

Let’s face it. Last week’s poll is not going to appear on the archive. The results did not suit the company that owns the airwaves so it can ignore them. The message is important. But whether that message gets out at all is being decided by fewer people and not even people, it’s really corporations.

Which is why blogging and other kinds of media are becoming more important. And why shows like Comedy Central have become a more trusted news source, than perhaps, a television empire owned by Rupert Murdoch.

One word about comments on blogs. Conscientious websites don’t post all comments. They check them out first. Such is the case with NYSUT.

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