Photos and football

Here’s two pics from the UUP rally to share.

A combined group of members from the United Federation of Teachers in New York City (Elizabeth Perez, Alfred Gonzalez, Ualin Smith, Jeffrey Povalitis) and from United University Professionals (Maureen Curtin and Yolanda Pauze) on their way back to the school buses after the rally.

And here we are shivering waiting for the buses.

Bryan Thomas and I just got done posting tons of photos. Check them out.

And we still are not done! I’m waiting for photos from Yonkers, Jamestown, Syracuse and Buffalo. Look for them on Monday. This weekend, it’s cross-country skiing in the Adirondacks Saturday, downhill skiing at Bromley in Vermont Sunday afternoon, and then, nervously watching the Super Bowl Sunday night. Go PACK!

About the Super Bowl, did you know this year’s Super Bowl game might be the last football game we see for a year or more?

NFL owners pulled out of the collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association two years before it was due to expire. Now the incredibly profitable NFL is saying it will lock out players-refusing to let them play at all-unless they agree to outrageous givebacks.

If there’s a lockout, it won’t just impact football players and fans. Stadium employees will be jobless. Staff in sports bars, restaurants and hotels, police officers and others who work supporting the game also will be hurt. In fact, 150,000 workers will feel the impact, and $4.5 “billion” dollars in revenue will disappear from 32 cities around the nation.

In a TV ad, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) tried to get a clear message from the players across: Don’t lock us out. Let us play. But CBS is refusing to air the “Let Us Play” ad.

Watch the ad CBS rejected-and sign the petition CBS doesn’t want you to sign:

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