And speaking of the Oscars…

Sure, the Academy Awards had the usual excess of glitz and glamour on Sunday night. But two of Hollywood’s honorees used their moments in the spotlight to raise awareness of workers’ rights and the financial crisis.

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Breaking news on rallies

Tuesday, March 1 New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness rallying against extending tax cut for millionaires at noon on the west side of the state Capitol. Wednesday March 2 Community members rally in support of workers rights at 4:30 p.m. at Rochester City Hall and Lafayette Square in Buffalo Thursday March 3 Community members rally in […]

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NYC’s own PS 22 Chorus wows ‘em at the Oscars

Singing at the White House Christmas tree lighting? Check. Having more than a million views of your YouTube videos? Check. Closing the Academy Award ceremony Sunday night with a beautiful version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”? Check. Those three accomplishments are just part of the resume of union member and music teacher Gregg Breinberg from […]

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Hilda Solis says the family of labor deserves support, not attack

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ remarks this past weekend say it all: I’ve been following the developments in Wisconsin, and Ohio, and many other states across the country. We know that many states are facing tough budget decisions. We know that there’s room for shared sacrifice. And we’ve seen our brothers and sisters in the public […]

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Plattsburgh rocks for Wisconsin!

Don Carlisto sent us this video from the Plattsburgh rally. Fantastic job Don! We got four photos from Scott Carter of the Ausable Valley TA and this report from Michele Bushey, one of the North Country’s political action coordinators. We had at least 150 working family members in attendance and I was so proud to […]

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Protect your rights NOW

Yes, the state Senate Education Committee will vote tomorrow to end seniority rights for every teacher in the New York City school system. If it happens there, how long before it happens in Buffalo, Syracuse, Yonkers? How long before Schenectady, Ithaca, you name the district? Call your State Senator at: 877 255-9417. When prompted, press […]

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The personal touch

There were so many awesome, handmade signs at the rally Saturday at the state capitol in downtown Albany held to show support for Wisconsin workers and give all public and private employees a voice. Most were hoisted in the air by workers wearing red ribbon armbands, a sign of solidarity. Here are just a few […]

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Not so cold when we stick together!

Our brothers and sisters did what we all need to do, get out on the street to show we aren’t taking the threats from Wisconsin by sitting on the couch and complaining.

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After so much sacrifice, why do teachers still get the blame?

New Yorkers can surely understand the frustration of Wisconsin teachers and other state workers who have already given back in salary and benefits – and are still being blamed for budget problems.

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Some bright news

So thanks for those who have tried to cheer me up by sending me links of some wins in other states we’ve got to be proud of. It’s heartening to know that Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has gone on record that it’s okay for workers to organize. In Pennsylvania, which faces a $4 […]

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