Your health and safety tops on their list

Health and safety advocates didn’t let the grip of a tight-fisted winter stop them from traveling to Albany Jan. 22 for a NYSUT task force meeting to get information on environmental conditions in schools and how they affect educators and students.

Theresa Samuels of the UFT in New York City and Sue Brazen-King of Johnson City Employees

Teachers, school nurses, college faculty and a school safety director were among those who came from downstate, western and central New York to hear the results of green building surveys conducted by the New York State Department of Health. One of the surveys was done through NYSUT’s Polling Center.  “This is the first time we ever worked with the Health Department on a project like this,” said Wendy Hord, NYSUT’s health and safety liaison. She noted that DOH officials were thrilled with the solid 86 percent response rate, which was very helpful to them for research purposes.

“We’re looking at the relationship between the condition of the building, and the performance and health of the school employees,” said Hord.

NYSUT’s polling center conducted a statewide survey a year ago of 501 full-time teachers to assess noise levels, air quality, lighting, moisture, mold and more.

Check out the NYSUT’s Flickr site for more photos and March issue of NYSUT United for more about what the task force is doing.


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