Watch out for big yellow buses

Many people leaving work and school in these winter days of January are going to head outside to snowfall — like tonight, here in the Capital Region. That means brushing off and warming up cars, and then driving home on slippery roads.

Will there be ice? Is the snow mushy enough to pull the car into another lane? Will the car spin out after stopping at a red light? Have the plows been on the road where your home is?

Kathleen Donahue, NYSUT vice president whose office oversees School-Related Professionals, retirees and health care workers, asks NYSUT members and friends to think about the school bus drivers during wintry weather.

“If you think it’s hard for you to be driving your car home, think about how much more difficult it is for our bus drivers, with a bus full of kids excited about the snow!” Donahue said. “These drivers have to be extra careful.”

Donahue asks that all drivers be “extra considerate” of bus drivers out on the road and to remember to “give them a shout out when you see them at work.” Their jobs are especially difficult in winter weather and rapidly changing weather conditions.

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