New Year’s resolution from a 5-year-old

I would really like to know what third-graders resolve nowadays. I have lots of youngsters in my life, but no third-graders.

I did hear from Nia. She’s a bit young, I think, to fully understand resolutions. But it was refreshing to hear a kindergartner talk about what she wants to do in the New Year.

Are you going to make any resolutions? I ask.

“Being good,” she says.

What does that mean? I ask.

“You know do good things,” she says.

No I don’t know what kind of good things you would do, I say.

“Like feed dogs and not talk when someone’s on the phone, oh, and I need to listen.”

Her mother and I had thought she might resolve to play more with her younger sister. Here’s a pic of the two of them from earlier this month.

Any other resolutions out there?

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to babysit Cadence and Nia

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