Happy Monday, Dec. 27!

Just got done shoveling 8 inches or snow here in Schenectady. We have a rather large driveway so it gave me plenty of time to think about the resolutions I want to make at the end of this week.

The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions started with the ancient Babylonians.

I started in third grade at Fourth Street Elementary School in Hudson, Wi. Mrs. Dzubay had a great lesson about goals: in school, family and life. She taught us how setting goals can be much easier than reaching them, and explained the difference between possible and unachievable resolutions.

Then we were to supposed to make three. Mine were to read more books, stop biting my nails and not fight with Bobby even IF HE STARTS!!! (Yes, with the capital letters and three explanation points and Bobby is my older brother.)

I’m going to work on resolutions this week. What are yours?

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