Celebrating SRPs Part 3

NYSUT has been celebrating School-Related Professionals in the month of November.

Here’s how the official SRP Recognition Day Nov. 16 went down in a few more NYSUT locals.


The Nyack Teachers Association supplied breakfast to all five buildings in the Nyack district. The photos below are from the SRP Recognition Day celebration at Valley Cottage Elementary School, provided by President Donna Ramundo.

Pine Bush

From Lisa Altilio, Vice President of the Pine Bush SRPs:

The attached photo is from Circleville Elementary where CES administrators, CES teachers and the Pine Bush Teachers Association had provided breakfast and treats for all the SRPs. The 6 other building in the district were also provided with treats from their teacher and the PBTA.

Pine Bush SRPs

On the left: Barbara Lake, Elizabeth Stewart, Sandra Seyler and Lisa Altilio. On the right: Sue Mance, Mary Ellen Cook, Karen Knox, and Jill Sakolsky.


Elma Sprague, a teaching assistant and a member of NYSUT’s SRP Advisory Committee reports from Guilderland:

We had a successful SRP Recognition day in Guilderland. The individual schools each celebrated in their own ways. At my school, the principal made a speech on the intercom first thing in the morning about how much SRPs do for us everyday. The students gave each of us a beautiful paper flower that they made. We each received an invitation to a breakfast in our staff room. The principal made a point of attending and sitting with us for conversation. People wore their SRP stickers during the day, and many people wished us a good day and thanked us for what we do.

On a district level, the new superintendent sent all of us a personal letter, thanking us for our commitment to quality. And then at the BOE meeting that night SRP Recognition Day was on the agenda and the board acknowledged our role
in the complete education of our students. All in all it was a good day.

At the Regional level, more than 60 SRPs attended our Capital District Regional Office SRP Recognition Dinner at NYSUT headquarters. We got to talk and visit, listen to some good speakers, eat some good food and hear that we are valued.

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