Get out to vote!

vote todayWhere I grew up everybody voted. No kidding. I remember reading the local papers in the late 1960s and early 1970s when Hudson Wisconsin had 100 percent, or near 100 percent, voting participation.

Yes, I’m from Wisconsin. It’s America’s Votingland, as well as the land of cheese.

Actually, the rate nowadays is a bit lower. In the 2008 race, 70.89% of the voting-age Badger population cast ballots, despite the fact there was NO statewide race. Perhaps that’s why the rate was down from 2004, when 73.82% went to the polls.

Who beat us? Those dang Gophers. Minnesota had 75.86% voting.

It’s ingrained in me to vote, thanks to teachers like Mrs. Badzinski and Mr. Kenneth Kummet, who conducted fantastic real-life lessons about making choices. I remember having to write short stories (remember, we’re talking elementary school) about how we’d feel if we didn’t have a choice – where to live, what job to have, whether we’d get married, or how many children to have. We learned every year about countries where a person does not have a choice. Then we’d have class elections for certain tasks. Of course we’d have mock elections during presidential years too.

How do you teach your students about the importance of voting? Comment on the blog, or e-mail me at

And get out and make your choices known.


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