One Nation march has got to end sometime


Tarrytown is in the house... and up on Flickr.

It’s almost noon, four days after the One Nation Working Together event and we’re still getting photos in! Look for the Tarrytown group photos from when they left Saturday morning. Somehow they got lost in the mix.

Meanwhile, NYSUT life HAS continued. The ED 51-53 meeting (that means retirees) starts at 2 p.m. today Andrew Watson will be taking pictures and Bernie Mulligan capturing words. I’ll be there at 8 a.m. tomorrow for the panel discussion Andy Pallotta is moderating a discussion on property tax cap issues all the way through until he starts talking about the 2010 elections at noon.

Which reminds me: I’m working on a story for NYSUT United about the political action efforts of our members, so let me know (at if you are working on a campaign and what you think the 2010 elections mean to you, your family, the community.

Retirees are the backbone of our political action efforts, so I expect to get a lot from them.

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