What’s in a number anyway?

“I love that photo you have up on the website that shows how many people were there!”

I’ve heard that from so many people so far. Of course we’re all competitive and want to have a bigger number than some “other” recent rallies in Washington, D.C.  I’ve seen reports that said One Nation had 175,000 people. Type in One Nation attendance and you’ll get a report that said 4 million were there. The answer is somewhere in between. We’ll never know for sure because the National Park Service no longer estimates.

The aforementioned Florence was telling me this morning that while she was taking pictures she noticed many people were sitting under trees to escape the sun. Or they sat away from the reflecting pool on hillsides because it was more comfortable. “We easily had more people there than the mainstream media reported,” McCue said. Note it was cloudy for that “other” rally.

As soon as the technology allows us, we’ll be putting group photos up on our Flickr site. You know you were there!


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