Tech glitches are more than a pain

Have you ever been the sole photographer of record for an important event? Then your camera gets wet by a torrential rainstorm and half of the images are truncated. Truncated is what the computer told me. It meant only half of the picture can be seen or printed. It’s a kick in the gut.

El-Wise Noisette is one of our main freelancers. Events like the One Nation March are perfect for him because he is unstoppable. (I have a lot of energy, but he makes me look like a couch potato!)

So when you put an unstoppable photog like El-Wise together with thousands of NYSUT folks you’ll end up with lots of photos. 2,152 of them to be exact.

Well, until you go to download them. Thanks to the lack of power at the National Mall, when Julie Bull our photo clerk went to download the 802 images from the first computer chip onsite, the computer crashed.

No worries, we thought. Until we tried to download the photos back here in Albany.

No images, the camera said. EEEEEEK. I called El-wise, who had just been here to drop off the second camera card with 1,350 images on it.

“No problem, I’ll stop back in,” he said.

He comes in. He checks out the card in HIS camera. It shows thumbnails but no data with the images. Thank god, he decided to back up every file he shoots onto another slot in the Nikon D3 camera. It’s got a 16G card. He checks that. They are all there.

“I don’t usually do this,” El-Wise said. “But something just told me to do it, to make sure, in case something happened.”


el-wise and betsy

No worries, Betsy. El-Wise thinks of everything.



  1. Nancy October 4, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    And always remember, that there is NO such thing as ‘delete’ or ‘destroyed’ in the tech world! I’ve easily recouped images off of SD cards that had been reformatted, deleted, and taken eons ago with simple programs you can download from the web.

    • Betsy Sandberg October 6, 2010 at 11:46 am #

      Thanks Nancy for this info. I’m not savvy about this downloading tech! I’m lucky enough to have someone do it for me. But I passed it along.

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