Why we fight

Margie Brumfield of Rochester tells folks she understands the frustration of this election year. It’s difficult to sort through all the negativity.

“We have to focus on who supports our agenda, and get them elected,” Brumfield said, adding that the only thing more important than Nov. 2 is Nov. 3.

“Because if we have gotten out the vote, then we will have earned the right to celebrate or complain. We will have earned the right to be part of the discussion, but only, if we get out the vote.”

Sandy Carner-Shafran of Saratoga echoes those comments, telling folks about how important the political arena is to making sure schools from pre-k through college and health care institutions have the support they need. “It’s a long list of what we have to do. We have to help our union grow… we have to involve people in this election… we have to keep companies and businesses in our communities…we have to stand against tax caps, they are so destructive … we have to take charge of our professions…”

Sandy’s list goes on so long! She gets laughter and applause when she thanks people and reminds them not to hide their light under a basket. “Go out and shine brightly, because we are the light.”

Deb Paulin of Alden is from western New York where she sees a lot of Carl Paladino for governor signs.

“This frightens me, and I don’t think people know what he stands for,” Paulin said. She brought a recent Rochester Democrat-Chronicle to let them know that the Republican candidate for governor is against letting people know about his finances and any potential conflict of interests and that he recently threatened to reporter for asking him to provide evidence on an allegation he made against the Democrat’s candidate for governor, Andrew Cuomo. (See link here.)

A big part of me holds my nose at politics exactly because of these kinds of shenanigans. I want to hear the candidate’s stances on whether in a fiscal crisis we cut health care for seniors, or services to children with disabilities. I want to know if they will hold charter schools accountable for how they spend the public’s money.

Sorry, I’m supposed to be telling you what Deb said. She pleaded with people to vote on Nov. 2nd because “It’s time to get the bullies off the playground … and get to work on bringing some jobs back to this state.”  Speaking of jobs, Deb also is outraged at the NBC show Outsourced. She urges people to send an e-mail to NBC protesting the show.


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