Are you using Skype in the classroom?

You don’t need the expensive teleconferencing technology featured in this commercial to connect your classroom with students around the world.

Over at the Tech Blog, Dave Adkins weighs in on the use of Skype in educational settings. “If you have access to a computer and an inexpensive webcam you can connect with other computers around the world,” he says.

And how much is the Skype video chat software? It’s free.

Connecting with other Skype users is free, too.

Dave includes links to some great resources to get you started, and to help you find other classrooms looking to connect. For a quick example from here in New York state, check out this YouTube video of a Spanish class at Herricks Middle School using Skype to connect with digital pen pals in a classroom in Venezuela.

How are you using Skype in your K-12 or higher ed classroom? Let Dave know in the comments.

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